NC DOT Seeking Public Comments Via Online Survey

he N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) wants you to help plan North Carolina’s future transportation system by being part of the development of the updated Statewide Transportation Plan, also called the 2040 Plan. The plan serves as a blueprint for transportation planning and investment over the next 30 years. Because transportation projects can require years to plan, design and build, NCDOT must look ahead 25-30 years to identify the transportation needs of our state. NCDOT will use the input from North Carolinians to develop the plan, along with an investment strategy to fulfill it.

We received approximately 4,153 responses to the first survey, with responses coming from areas throughout North Carolina. The information gathered from the first survey has allowed us to revise the report on the challenges and opportunities for North Carolina’s transportation future.

This time, however, we’d like to ask you to help prioritize the proposed investments that you think should be made in North Carolina’s various methods of transportation. And we’d like your input on some ideas about new funding sources for transportation.

Please access and fill out the survey at the NC DOT Survey link.