Michael Bobbitt: Board of Adjustments Meeting

The Vance County Board of Adjustments held their inaugural meeting on December 20, 2011.  The purpose of this public meeting was a hearing of four requests for a zoning ordinance variances or conditional use permits. 

BOA Case # 20111220-1 Luther Scott (owner) Cornerstone General Contracting (applicant) – variance

BOA Case # 20111220-2 Charles Thompson (owner and applicant) – Conditional Use Permit.

BOA Case # 20111220-3 Larry Greenway (owner), James L Fields (applicant) – Conditional User Permit

BOA Case # 20111220-4 Eastern Minerals, Inc (owner and applicant) – Variance

Mr. Jonathan Care opened the meeting explaining to the six members of the Board of Adjustments their role and responsibilities.  Mr. Care further explained that his role was to provide legal guidance if needed; otherwise the Board was in charge of the meeting and any decisions they made. 

The process of reviewing each cased moved along smoothly and professionally.  Mr. Jordan McMillen introduced each case to the Board summarizing the documentation submitted by the property owner and applicant.  The Board and the owner, applicant, or owner’s representative discussed the specifics of each case before the Board voted to approve or reject the case. Note: none were rejected, one was amended.  

One of the four cases was a request to extend the roof line of a new home for aesthetics purposes.  By description of the house and lot this is an area on the lake for one percenters’ new homes.  The other three cases were for businesses; two are small entrepreneurial businesses.  The added cost to one property owner to meet zoning ordinance probably ended that new business before it opened.