Richard Brand: Memorial Day – We Should Be Providing This!

It was about the fifth letter from the fifth different agency wanting money to help our Veterans.  It is not that I do not appreciate and respect what our young men and women in the services do.  I think it is an incredible act of loyalty and commitment to go and fight in two military operations which should never have been begun. Our enemy was never a nation and we should have never been the invader of two countries. That those men and women have gone and fought for so many years with so many tours of duty is simply remarkable.

Yet still I wonder about all these independent charities that are asking for money to help the Veterans.  There is something inside of me that thinks that these men and women who have served their country so well and so long should be getting all the care and attention they need from the government they served.  Medical and psychological help should be available to all of those families.  There should be no need for private or independent agencies to provide for these veterans.  We as a nation owe them all care and help for sending them into such complicated and difficult jobs.

Either some of these independent and private Veteran charities are questionable and trying to play upon our charity and compassion for these Veterans or they must be evidence that we as a nation are failing these men and women. These are the kind of people that need our government help.  Either these Veterans ought to be getting help from the Military funding of the government which is never being cut by the current budget proposal or they are going to be “collateral damage” of the cuts to human services budget.

These men and women are just another reason why we ought to raise and increase revenue for the government to be able to care for these men and women or we need to eliminate a few bombers and air craft carriers and use that money to pay for the care of these soldiers.  We should be providing all the care they need and the constant flow of requests I have gotten from private charities suggests to me that we are not providing what is needed. This is Memorial Week-end and we need to let Congress know that the benefits for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan need to be dramatically increased.