Information Relative to Kerr Lake Regional Water System (KLRWS) Interbasin Transfer

The Kerr Lake Regional Water System (KLRWS) is comprised of the City of Henderson, Warren County, and the City of Oxford, and their customers. Henderson’s bulk customers include Kittrell, Vance County and Franklin County. Warren County’s bulk customers include Norlina, Warrenton and Littleton. Oxford’s bulk customers include Stovall, Granville County and Wilton.

The KLRWS has an agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers to withdraw up to 20 million gallons per day (MGD) from Kerr Lake. This agreement has been in place since 1974 and was amended in 2006 to continue with the KLRWS to withdraw up to the 20MGD. Also, the KLRWS Plant has an authorization to expand the Plant to 20MGD. The expansion plans are only for the use of its three partners and its bulk customers, and not for the sale of water to Wake County and/or Raleigh.

To clarify, in the current interbasin transfer (IBT) KLRWS has asked for an additional 4.2MGD above the already grandfathered 10.0 MGD. This was requested through the Interbasin Transfer Petition as prepared by Ch2MHill to meet the partner’s demands for water to the year 2045. This assessment thoroughly analyzes and discusses the potential impact of the 4.2 MGD increase and concludes the impacts will not be significant. It should be further noted that this is substantially less than the 20 MGD KLRWS is authorized to withdraw from Kerr Lake.

The environmental assessment, prepared by CH2MHill, has complied with all Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) requirements, and is posted on their website. The KLRWS was required to publish public notices in the receiving basin and one in the source basin. These notices were published in the Mecklenburg Sun (Clarksville, VA) as well as the Franklin Times (Franklin County) and the Daily Herald (Halifax County). All requirements for publishing were not only met but exceeded. Even though not required, the Henderson Dispatch ran a headline article stating:

“State Holding Hearing on Kerr Lake Water System, Want to Go? The Public Hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 31 at Henderson City Hall, 134 Rose Ave.”

Questions also have been raised relative to the amount of water this represents. Remember, the KLRWS can currently withdraw up to 20MGD from Kerr Lake, and this request is for only 4.2MGD above its previously authorized IBT amount of 10.0MGD. The additional 4.2MGD of Interbasin Transfer (not withdrawal) represents .0008 per cent in comparison with the 4.8 Billion Gallons Per Day average that is released through the Kerr Dam.


Interim Henderson, NC City Manager, Ed Wyatt