Congresswoman Renee Ellmers: Pro-Consumer and Pro-Manufacturing Legislation

Photo of the Week

This week I celebrated my cockatiel’s 26th birthday! Oliver had a quick party, complete with homemade birdseed cupcakes!


Weekly Update
Last week, the Energy & Power Subcommitee heard testimony on my legislation called the EPS Improvement Act of 2016. This bipartisan legislation will exclude specific lighting technologies from the Department of Energy’s (DOE) external power supply rule. The regulation this legislation seeks to correct would have otherwise stifled innovation and injected uncertainty into the manufacturing sector.

Without Congressional action, and passage of my legislation, this rule will unintentionally threaten thousands of jobs. Click here to learn more about this pro-manufacturing legislation or here to see a video of my testimony from this hearing.

Also this week, I joined my colleagues from the North Carolina delegation including Congressmen McHenry and Pittenger in a wager over who will win the Panthers vs. Cardinals game on Sunday. Scroll down to see what food items are at stake!

As the winter season is upon us, please stay warm and safe at home! Visit so that you can be prepared and stay informed of the winter storms.



Proud to be Pro-Life and Pro-Woman!

 I am proud to support those who participated in the March for Life in Washington on Friday. Despite the inclement weather, their dedication and commitment to supporting the rights of the unborn is unwavering. I am proud to be 100% prolife and prowoman.


Talking to WUNC Radio

I enjoyed speaking to North Carolina Public Radio, WUNC, last week about the president’s State of the Union address. At about the 30 minute mark, I discuss what a Republican alternative to ?#?Obamacare? would, and will, look like. As I said during the interview, we have to be able to provide choice and we have to be able to give control back to physicians, families and patients. This year, House Republicans are committed to putting forward an alternative plan for the American people. Take a listen by clicking on the picture above.


Waging a Friendly Bet

I have a friendly wager with Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and Congressman Dave Schweikert of Arizona over who will win the big Carolina-Arizona NFC Game on Sunday. What’s on the line? A dozen Arizona tamales if Carolina wins and a box of sweet goodies from Sherry’s Bakery in my hometown of Dunn!

 My Arizona colleagues better take a good long look at the chocolate honeybuns and donuts now because these goodies are staying in NC02 y’all!

Energy & Power Subcommitte Hearing

 Click here or on the image above to watch the video of the Energy & Power subcommittee hearing where we reviewed pro-consumer, pro-manufacturing legislation.