Senator Richard Burr: A taste of home for military families

Last week in the Senate, I joined with a bipartisan group of Senators to maintain military commissaries, which will continue to allow our military families to save money and preserve a lower cost of living. The amendment I offered with Senator Inhofe to protect this benefit our servicemen and women have already earned passed by a vote of 70-28.

A commissary is a grocery store on a military base that sells American products; the military has more than 200 commissaries around the world.

U.S servicemembers in Vietnam shopping in a commissary in 1965

Protecting the current commissary system will ensure that hundreds of thousands of North Carolina’s military families will continue to enjoy the benefits of the commissary. Congress shouldn’t rush to make changes that could drastically increase the cost of living for our military families.

Our servicemen and women already make great sacrifices and our government should not jeopardize their benefits.