Terror Lurks in the Forest ….

And not from clowns (well…. maybe ….). The Haunted Forest at Panic Point opened initially in 2011 with only a few attractions and even fewer volunteer actors/cast members. Since that time, it has grown and this season promises to be the best, and largest, ever.

With 7 attractions ranging from (semi) kid friendly to terrifying (the owners cite all attractions as PG-13ish), all surrounding a ‘Circle of Horror’ where you can warm yourself with a cup of hot chocolate by a bonfire, you are sure to be dragged like a creature from the depths of hell, into the Halloween spirit.

From a possessed Priest in a demonic church, to a voodoo queen, and Mutant Doomsday Preppers, to a cornfield lurking with killers… this year’s set up is superior in every way to previous years. The experience the cast and owners have gained over the years is showing, and increased ticket sales and revenue have enabled the event to grow and become a true seasonal attraction and tradition.

The Haunted Trail is the main attraction, and is a half mile journey through the woods (ladies, leave the cute heels at home!) and meanders through various sites filled with terrifying and startling scenes. Don’t worry, when on the trail between sites … you aren’t alone. Stay close to your friends…there is safety in numbers, after all. Well, so they say…

The Dark Trail makes you face your darkest fears and is truly a journey into the dark. Led only by a rope, you might logically know that nothing will actually hurt you, but our minds are funny places, and in the dark, in the woods, knowing something is lurking, but not what, or where, or when …. You might go home wanting to sleep with your closet light on.

The Haunted Forest at Panic Point opened for the season on September 24.  They will be open Friday and Saturday nights until October 15th, and Friday-Sunday (October 21-23). They will then be open Every night leading up until Halloween from Thursday October 27th – Monday October 31. Certain nights throughout the season offer special promotions and discounts, so make sure to check their webpage out in advance to see when you can get the best deal! And only 30 minutes from Henderson, it’s a great Halloween Season date night activity!

The Rules: Photography (no flash!) is always okay, Costumes are okay ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT ONLY but NO Face paint or masks are allowed!



From Henderson: US1 South towards Raleigh. Turn left at the light at Holden Road in Youngsville (next to the big Sheetz gas station). Drive through town (WATCH YOUR SPEED! Youngsville cops don’t have much to do!!), make a left on Cedar Creek Road (it’s the third stoplight). Attraction is on the left, just a ways up on Cedar Creek. If you hit Hicks Road, you’ve gone too far!

Alternatively, you can cut though Franklinton and shave a few minutes off the trip – US1 to Franklinton, Get off at Hwy 56E (heading towards Franklinton/Louisburg), turn right on Main Street. Go past Franklinton Elementary and make a left (kind of a fork in the road) onto Cedar Creek Road. Go all the way down, past Cedar Creek Middle School and Hicks Road, attraction will be on right.