County commission discusses budget

Sheriff’s Office, Pages 17-24

The county manager informed the board that there are four positions in the supplimental budget that, if filled, would be deployed at one per shift.

The positions, along with cars and equipment, would represent an additional $150,000 increase in the budget.

Garrison stated that the new sheriff needed to be given a chance to organize his shift.

Ayscue noted that there was an increase in salaries. He also informed the board that equipment purchases followed a four-year cycle.

Wright asked whether or not the people in the Sheriff’s Office should be adequately paid before filling new positions.

Garrison agreed that experienced personnel were key to operation.

Ayscue responded that the Sheriff’s Office had no vacancies at the time, or maybe one. He agreed that it was hard to find new officers. He stated that the greatest turnover was in the jail. He told the board that the sheriff [Breedlove] had addressed the problems with staffing in the winter and had done a good job.

Hester asked if anyone had compared the pay of jailers in Vance to other counties.

Ayscue responded that the pay is low, and that it is an issue. He further said that in the Sheriff’s Office, starting salaries are “down there”.