County commission discusses budget

Legal Services, Page 6

Ayscue told members that he was ancipating legal services for the bond referendum over county-wide water in November. He also stated that the county would need to do canvassing.

Wright stated that if canvassing was not done, it would be “an exercise in futility”.

Brown told members that it [the county-wide water referendum] may need to “go on the back burner”. She also added that the “community person” could be “working this” for the commission.

Ayscue stated that it would cost $15,000 to hold the referendum by itself rather than as a part of the general election. When Hester asked what the latest date was to make a call regarding the timing of the referendum, Ayscue said that he needed to know 90 days before the election.

Wright stated that he did not know if people would be educated enough by November and the commission may wish to hold the referendum in the spring.