County commission discusses budget

Elections, Page 2

Ayscue told the board that the budget included an $8,000 increase. He noted that there was a recommendation from the Board of Elections to raise salaries $35,000 because of extra duties. He told commissioners that he was recommending a $2,400 for the director for the coming year.

County Commissioner Deborah Brown asked about a raise for the deputy director. Ayscue responded that the position had just gone to full time and it was too early for a salary adjustment.

Brown stated that some kind of consideration should have been given to the deputy director. County Commissioner Terry Garrison agreed with her.

It was eventually agreed that the deputy director would receive a $2,000 a year raise.

Ayscue informed commissioners that Henderson pays for 22% of the elections budget and that he would let the city know of the change. When asked by County Commissioner Danny Wright how the percentage with the city was established, Ayscue replied that it was based on the number of registered voters.

County Commissioner Tommy Hester asked whether Ayscue simply notifies the city. Ayscue explained that the city notifies the county on programs that it administers and vice-versa. He said that it has been a good working relationship. He further stated that there is no city election this fiscal year, but that there will be one next year. He told the board that the city pays 100% of line items for their elections.