County commission discusses budget

All Vance County Board of Commissioners except Eddie Wright were present at a Thursday evening work session to discuss the fiscal 2007 budget.

County Manager Jerry Ayscue began the meeting by remarking that the budget does not contain a tax increase. He also noted that there is a supplimental budget of things that the staff felt were important.

Home in Henderson did not receive a copy of the supplimental budget when it requested its copy from county Finance Officer Jerry Tucker. It should also be noted that the commissioners were working from different versions of the budget from the press version that seemed to contain, among other things, personnel information, line-items, and other unknowns that occasionally made the discussion unclear.

Ayscue noted that the fire tax was $.03 to the dollar on property outside of Henderson, and that revenue from the tax had gone from $45,000 to $50,000.

The manager also told the commission that the state had budgeted nothing for Medicaid relief.

Medicaid relief has been the county’s biggest legislative priority.

Ayscue told the board that $3.5 million had been budgeted, and that the figure was a conservative estimate. He also informed members that public assistance is holding steady.

Home in Henderson has provided online copies of each page of the budget discussed at the meeting. For ease of reading, the link to each page and a summary of the discussion (if any) that it entailed will be presented on a separate page.